about me

What the fk is up ya'll this be dennis! Here is my silly little page where I make silly little art for the world to enjoy. If you like froggies, pokemon, or erotic kirby art then I am ur dude! 

About me:
- recently got a Fibonacci sequence tattoo on the left side of my neck! It's super deep and means a lot to me because JUST KIDDING I read all of Sakamoto Days manga in one night and immediately got the tattoo the next day awww yeah
- born in Houston, raised in Georgia, reraised in Houston, went all in on Alief 

- frogs
- kirby. He is without flaw. He is friend shaped. A simple design yet a complex being. What he thinking bout?
- sugarfree redbull, oolong tea with seafoam, mt dew in that order 
- being silly and stupid 

- Crystal meth because it is v bad
- sleep 


This be Audrey, as of 2024 I hired her as my manager! Her duties are to:
- tell me to shut the fuck up and make art
- "stop rotting in bed and draw some froggies" 
- do all the business backend stuff for me so I can focus on the creative aspect

So far we have done amazing work together and it's looking like the best year ever!