About Dennisdoodlez

Dennisdoodlez began as a simple doodle on a sticky note of a caterpillar staring into a mirror. After much deliberation and sleepless nights, the series you all know and love about cute animals having existential crisis came into fruition December 2017. Here you’ll find my art, commissions, and much more creative stuff!


About the Author

I’m Dennis! I’m currently a University student and based in Houston, Texas. I absolutely adore cats, all things cute, and honey black tea with half sugar. I recently bought a potted plant which I love more than life itself. All my comics are made on Photoshop.



If you have any questions or commissions, please feel free to email me! Love hearing all your thoughts on my work. I’m pretty much on all social media platforms as well but mostly active on Instagram. Follow me for daily doodles!



How can I use your work?

However you want! As long as you tag me if possible and leave my little “dennisdoodlez” on the image.

Do you take commissions?

Absolutely! Just e-mail me and let me know and I’ll help bring your ideas to life!

How can I support you?

If you enjoy my work, you can support me by simply buying a cute little print! You can also donate and fuel my coffee-dependent lifestyle here. Every little helps and thank you!

What else do you do?

I also published a book, play piano and sing, and cook avidly!